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SANJEEVANI AQUA (Soil Conditioner)

Uses of chemical fertilizers in abundance and in unbalanced quantity and successive cultivation of high yielding varieties have resulted in the reduction of organic Carbon content in the soil. Low level of soil organic Carbon does not support the activity of soil micro-flora and availability of various plant nutrients in the soil.

Our Soil Conditioner is an excellent source of natural Carbon along with major secondary nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Sugar acids all in water soluble form derived from the natural extracts. It provides readily available Carbon to soil microbes.

  1. A unique product containing 100% water soluble Carbon which ensures its deep and wide spread penetration into the soil.
  2. Makes complexes with soil Phosphorus and many micronutrients making them available for growing plants.
  3. Promotes the multiplication of beneficial soil micro organisms which improves the soil fertility. Helps in maintaining soil CEC and pH closer to neutral.
  4. It improves the water holding capacity of the soil, promotes root growth and nutrient uptake.
  5. Compatible with chemical fertilizers, improves yield both in quantity and quality and makes the crop more profitable.


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