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Calcium Nitrate

Calcium is one of the most critical secondary nutrients that are vital for the growth and strength of the plants body. Its deficiency may cause heavy losses both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Lack of Calcium produces a general breakdown of cell membrane structures with resultant loss in retention of cellular diffusible compounds. Calcium enhances uptake of NO3 –N and therefore is interrelated with Nitrogen metabolism. Calcium is essential for cell elongation and division thus plays important role in the growth of terminal buds of shoot and apical tips of roots. Calcium plays important role in development and storage (shelf life) of certain vegetables and fruits like potato, Tomato, cauliflower, chili, Peas, Apples, and Banana etc.

  1. Improves plant’s immunity and uptake of other nutrients.
  2. Increase shelf life and storability of the produce.
  3. Improves lustre of Fruits and Vegetables.


CAS No.: 13477-34-4

Color & Physical Form    :White symmetrical granules


Specification (by weight) Percent
Nitrogen (as N) min. 15.5
Ammoniacal Nitrogen max. 1.1
Nitrate Nitrogen min. 14.4
Water Soluble Calcium min. 18.8



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