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Canbor (Calcium Nitrate with Boron)

Fortified fertilizers are a combination of multi-nutrient carriers which satisfies the crop’s nutritional demand based on area, soil and growth stage of a plant. A fortified fertilizer strengthens the nutrient supply to the plant and provides site specific nutrient management for achieving maximum fertilizer use efficiency for the applied nutrient in a cost effective manner. The primary focus is to get higher yields with lesser fertilizer usage (as nutrients do not have to be applied independently) thereby improving efficiency and increasing profitability for the farmers.

Calcium and Boron are the most important nutrients that are vital for the growth, physical strength, Flowering – fertilization and fruit set of the plants. Their deficiency cause heavy losses both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Application of Calcium Nitrate with Boron keeps the soil healthy and nourished and gives the plant the best chance for excellent growth.

  1. Contains dual nutrients Calcium & Boron important for fruits & vegetables.
  2. Increases uptake of other nutrients & provides uniform shape to produce.
  3. Increases the luster quality of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Provides immunity to crop against pest and disease attacks.

Total Nitrogen min. 14.60
Ammoniacal Nitrogen max. 1.1
Nitrate Nitrogen (as N) min. 13.5
Water Soluble Calcium min. 17.1
Boron (as B) min. 0.250


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