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Corporate Values

Our seven core values guide and inspire us to make a difference.

Respect for individuals

We believe that people are inherently responsible. This belief is the driver of the trust that we place in people. We value opinion including diversity of opinion and respect individuality.


We are committed as a corporate, as professionals and as individuals to be transparent, responsible and present ethical behavior that furthers the long-term interests of all our stakeholders.


We are all driven by superordinate goals  that transcend the individual – to contribute to society, to generate wealth for others, to build an Institution, to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Drive and passion

We value a ‘can do’ attitude, coupled with action, that believes in making a difference.

Customer Centric

We seek to build necessary competencies so that we can offer solutions that will meet the needs and the quality requirements of the customer.


Creativity is stimulating to us and we understand it is a necessity. It may take hundreds of failures before a breakthrough success is discovered. The more new ideas we have, the more likely some ideas will be very successful.


We enjoy working and winning together. We must operate with a common understanding of our priorities, goals and objectives. We encourage open and frank discussion and welcome a diversity of viewpoints.


The Fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi.

Federation of Indian Small & Medium Enterprises, New Delhi.

Indian Industries Association, Lucknow, India

Promoter Member