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Chakradhar Chemical Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer and marketer of products that fulfil the essential nutritional needs of the crops. Envisioned in the year 1989, Chakradhar Chemicals  began its journey with a modest Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate plant with an initial capacity of 4,500 metric tonnes. Today we take pride in being one of the leading producers of Micronutrients and Secondary Nutrients in India with production capacity of 15,500 metric tonnes and including products such as Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Magnesium Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Micronutrient Mixtures and many more products.  In the year 2012, the company diversified and the Water Soluble Fertilizer plant was commissioned in Gandhidham in Gujarat. With our well equipped R&D facilities and environment friendly (zero liquid discharge) infrastructure, we possess the capability to manufacture and market quality fertilizers both in the domestic and international markets.

In the past 25 years we have progressed and we understand the urgent need for sustainable agriculture in terms of yield improvement and protection, technological innovations and natural resource management which are essential for the holistic development of Agriculture and Food Security. Our philosophy of “Nutritious Crops, Prosperous Farmer” ensures that we manufacture and market quality agricultural inputs. CCPL has robust processes and quality control systems in place and is committed as a corporate, as professionals and as individuals to meet the customers requirements for quality and customer satisfaction. Our Vision, Philosophy and Values drive our people and processes.

Over the years we have diversified our product portfolio which includes a wide variety of essential plant nutrients ranging from Micronutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Fortified Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers.

With synergies across the supply chain, production efficiencies, sophisticated facilities and “best in class” safety standards we ensure the shortest lead time from procurement to delivery at customer’s facility.


The Fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi.

Federation of Indian Small & Medium Enterprises, New Delhi.

Indian Industries Association, Lucknow, India

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